Discover the world of Bakugan!


Bakugan is a name that will remind many of their childhood. This popular animated series, which first captured the hearts of children around the world more than ten years ago, is now back in the spotlight thanks to Spin Master. The new era of Bakugan brings a strong comeback and a refresh for all fans.

History of the Bakugans

Bakugan first appeared in 2007 and immediately became a favourite among children and teenagers. This game combined combat elements with tactics and strategy, with the main focus on collecting and fighting Bakugans, small creatures that “transform” from spheres known as Bakugan spheres and spinners.

The main clans:

  1. Misfit Clan
  • Dan Kouzo, Griffin Tessly, Mia Ono, Juno Reyes and Thunder Crunch.
  • Dan Kouzo is the protagonist of the Bakugan series. His partner is a Bakugan called Dragonoid, which is a dragon-like Bakugan.
  • Griffin Tessly is one of the main roles of Bakugan, and his partner is Bakugan Trox, a tyrannosaurus-like Bakugan.
  • Mia Ono is one of the main roles of Bakugan and her partner is Bakugan Ventri, a bird-like Bakugan.
  • Juno Reyes is one of the roles of Bakugan, and his partner is Bakugan Bruiser, a cattle-like Bakugan.
  • Thunder Crunch is one of the roles of Bakugan, and his partner is Bakugan Hammerhead, a shark-like Bakugan.

2. Dragon Clan

  • Kage, Shane and others appear in it .
  • Kage is the leader of the dragon clan and is considered Dan’s rival. His partner was Bakugan Nillious, a two-headed dragon, until he left him for disobedience, seeing Kage as a servant.
  • Shane is a member of the dragon clan and his partner is Bakugan Hail, a Bakugan-like ice bipedal dragon.

3. Insect Clan

  • Backslash, Function and Tilde appear in it.
  • Backslash’s Bakugan partner is Mantid, a godlike Bakugan.
  • Function’s Bakugan partner is Spidra, a dragon-like Bakugan.
  • Tilde’s Bakugan partner is Ghost, who is a white-coloured Spidra.

4. Mammal Clan

  • Ace, Club and others appear in it.
  • Ace’s Bakugan partner is Fanger, who is in
    • Club Bakugan’s partner is Grizzles, a bear-like Bakugan.

5. Dino Clan

  • Barbell, Dumbbell, Kettlebell and others.
  • Barbell’s Bakugan partner is Treyzer, a ceratopsian-like Bakugan.
  • Dumbbell’s Bakugan partner is Trizaur, a ceratopsian-like Bakugan.
  • Kettlebell’s Bakugan partner is Hook, a dromeosaurus-like Bakugan.

6. Avian Clan

  • Raven, Jay and others appear in it.
  • Raven’s Bakugan partner is Flame, a phoenix-like Bakugan.
  • Jay’s Bakugan partner is Pen-G, a penguin-like Bakugan.

7. Aquatic Clan

  • Rip, Isaac and others appear in it.
  • Rip’s Bakugan partner is Razor, who is a barracuda-like Bakugan.
  • Isaac’s Bakugan partner is Octogan, an octopus-like Bakugan.

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