Here is a world of beetles, ants, wasps… and on and on! Discover Hexbug!


HEXBUG Robotic Animals by Spin Master are extremely popular toys for children because they combine fun and learning. These are small robotic bugs, ants, spiders, fish and other animals, that move and look like the real thing! Children can create obstacles in front of them, watch them overcome obstacles, play with them in the sandpit or on other surfaces and organise races between them.

Hexbug animal game can bring children many benefits. As well as entertaining them, it can also improve their cognitive and motor skills. Playing with animals can help children learn about nature, science and technology. Different species of animals have their own unique characteristics, allowing children to explore the different ways insects move and learn about the natural world.

Children can develop different skills with animals. In the game with Hexbug animals develops fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination, which is important for the development of children’s writing, drawing and other motor skills.

Benefits of the HEXBUG robotic animal game for kids:

  1. Developing motor skills: playing with animals can help develop children’s motor skills.
  2. Developing creativity: children can use the animals to create their own play scenarios and play in different ways. This stimulates their creativity and imagination and improves their thought processes.
  3. Learning about science and technology: animals work in a similar way to real animals, so playing with them can help you learn about science and technology. Children can learn about the basics of robotics and electromechanics and develop their skills in these areas.
  4. Learning about animals: the animals are modelled on different animals, which can stimulate children’s interest in the animal world. Children can learn about different types of animals and their characteristics and behaviour.
  5. Developing social skills: children can play with animals with other children, which can promote the development of social skills. Playing with other children can improve their ability to communicate, cooperate and solve problems.
  6. Fun: they are fun toys that can provide hours of fun and entertainment for children. Children can play them alone or with friends and enjoy their interactivity and variety.

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