Batman mask with night vision, battery operated

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Batman mask with night vision function, battery operated.

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Transform into Batman and don a super-mask with night vision to take on Gotham City’s baddest villains. Put on your mask and patrol the streets of Gotham City, on a mission like the real Batman! With LED lights, shine a light and see the evil that lurks in the shadows or around the first corner! Adjust the lens on the mask when you want to take a closer look and zoom in like a real detective with super double magnification!


NIGHT VISION: This awesome mask has a night vision function, so you can become a real Batman hero and protect your city! With LED lights on both sides of the mask, night vision will become a little treat and you will see evil wherever you point your LED lights.

MAGNIGRATING LENS: Take a closer look at suspicious elements with the Tech Mask 2X magnifying lens and become a real detective! When not in use, simply fold the lens aside!

SUPER GIFT: Batman Tech Mask is the perfect gift for kids and Batman fans aged 4 years and up. 

The toy requires 3 AAA batteries, which are included. The toy is suitable for children aged 4 years and over.


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Weight 444 g
Dimensions 232 × 140 × 235 mm
Suitable from 0 to 3 years:

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Warning. Risk of suffocation. Long cable. Choking hazard. Small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Battery warnings:Never insert used and new batteries at the same time; Always remove used batteries; Remove batteries if the item has not been used for a long time; When inserting batteries, observe the direction of polarity (+, -); Never charge batteries that are not intended for this purpose; Insert only batteries of the same type; Take care not to cause a short circuit; Batteries should be inserted, replaced and charged by an adult; Dispose of batteries in the special containers for electrical, electronic devices and batteries.