Batman’s Batmobile, remote control

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Batman’s Batmobile remote control vehicle.

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Batman is as popular a cult character as his legendary Batmobile!

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Take on the role of Batman, patrol the streets of Gotham City and embark on adventures. Protect Gotham City from the bad guys.

The Batman vehicle can be controlled by remote control from up to 30 metres away , giving you thrilling racing action!

The manager is very easy to use and is great even for beginners. It allows you to move the Batmobile in six directions.

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The Batmobile requires 2 1.5 V AAAA LR03 batteries (not included) and the remote control 3 1.5 V AAAA LR03 batteries (not included).

Batman's Batmobile, remote control-3The set includes:

-Batmobile RC,

-remote control,

-Instructions for use.

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Weight 506 g
Dimensions 360 × 135 × 138 mm


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