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Kids vs. Parents game by the renowned brand Spin Master.

Available in Slovenian language.

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Here’s a fun Kids vs. Parents game!

Kids vs. Parents pits kids against their parents in a fun, action-packed showdown of challenges.

Each team writes a bet before the start of the game. What will you do if you lose? Take out the trash? Bought pizza for everyone? Children and parents are different ages, so each generation gets its own set of questions.

The game is suitable for 2 to 6 players aged 8 and up.

The game includes everything you need for real fun:

– 200 cards,
-1 game board,
-1 hourglass,
-2 movable figures,
-1 fixing clip for felt-tip pen,
-1 dry erase marker,
-1 betting board,
– cardboard stand and instructions.

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Weight 940 g
Dimensions 270 × 54 × 270 mm

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Suitable from 0 to 3 years:

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