Kinetic sand for castle design, set

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Kinetic sand for castle design, set.

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Encourage children to create their own unique castle made of kinetic sand.

The set contains kinetic sand that is non-sticky and non-drying, so the possibilities for play and creativity are endless.

The set also comes with six different models for designing a castle and building walls, bridges or towers.

With the two multi-purpose tools, children can cut, dig or carry sand.

Kinetic sand for castle building is made up of 98% sand and 2% magic, which children discover as they play.

Kinetic sand stimulates children’s creativity and allows them to let their imagination run wild. Kinetic Sand is made from 100% natural sand (no additives) and is wheat, gluten and casein free.

The set includes:

-1.4 kg of kinetic sand,

-6 designs to create,

-2 multifunctional tools

-interactive packaging.

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Weight 1680 g
Dimensions 306 × 63 × 278 mm


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Suitable from 0 to 3 years:

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