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Enter the wonderful world of the cartoon Gabby’s dollhouse and discover cute cats and colorful magic!

Join the cat enthusiast Gabi and her assistant Pandošap in the world of the fun game!

Here are Gabi, Pandošap, Pandi, Fairy the kitten, Mucon, Skateljca, Tortek, Morska mucka, Avtjuša, Dremucka, Dj Meow, Artur, Peter, Poohica Poohek, Flori, Škatolina, Bučko, Cukerc, Pekica, Kosmiček, Tortina, Piga Pika , Cofka, Dj Komet, Lili-LU and Upsi, who are waiting for you to join them on fun adventures.

The original names of the characters in Gabby’s dollhouse are Gabby, Pandy Paws, Pandy, Kitty Fairy, Catrat, Baby Box, Cakey, MerCat, Carlita, Pillow Cat, Dj Catnip, Arthur, Pete, Fluffy Flufferton, Floyd, Mama Box, Pumpkin, Flakey, Bakey, Marshapan, PaddyCake, Parrot, Eggy, Dj Comet, Luli-Loo and Whoopsie.

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Do you still remember your tree house? Discover the world of treehouses with the adorable Gabby figure set and a fun treehouse.

The tree includes lights, a transforming roof, a secret room, a vine zipline, a swing, figurines, accessories, furniture and more.

Outfit the garden treehouse with all the adorable furniture and accessories, including a swivel chair with petals, a ladder to reach the second floor, a chair and dining table for garden tea parties, a topiary cat that can spin and more! There’s also a wheel built into the floor – spin it to find a secret room in the tree trunk and watch the trunk and table light up (batteries included)!

The toy is not suitable for children from 0 to 3 years of age.

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Suitable from 0 to 3 years:

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