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Carnival accessories

Carnival is a time when we dress up in carnival costumes and become unrecognizable. Carnival Sunday is seven weeks before Easter. There are two main carnival days: Carnival Sunday and Shrove Tuesday. During that time, we attend various celebrations. In Slovenia, the most frequently visited cities are Ptuj and Cerknica, while the more adventurous ones venture to Venice in Italy! It is essential to choose a carnival mask that ensures nobody recognizes us. The celebration of Carnival dates back to pre-Christian times, and its traditions were adopted by the Romans, who created several holidays during the pre-spring season for masquerading.

Unikashop has prepared carefully selected, high-quality carnival accessories that will make you shine! They are a great addition to your carnival costume. What are you waiting for? Choose yours! The most beautiful carnival accessories are waiting for you!

For the loveliest clowns, we have long-lasting face paint crayons that are waterproof and durable! Just choose the design you want, and the fun can begin! The more daring ones can opt for a scar with a hole or screws to scare all their friends and passersby! After all, Carnival can be spooky, right? The most beautiful witch costumes also deserve a magnificent witch hat that will be as eerie as you are! Dear witches, don’t forget about the witch nose and broomstick!

For spine-chilling, all-powerful vampires who will send shivers down everyone’s spine, we have various sets of vampire teeth to make the character truly formidable! If your costume this year is a firefighter, make sure to get all the firefighter accessories: helmet, hammer, fire extinguisher, telephone, and more. Hurry, hurry, there’s a fierce fire raging!

What are you waiting for? Let carefully selected carnival accessories enhance your carnival costume!