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Carnival masks

Masks that will not leave you indifferent…
Carnival is a time when we dress up in carnival costumes and become unrecognizable. Carnival Sunday is 7 weeks before Easter. There are two main carnival days: Carnival Sunday and Shrove Tuesday. During these days, we participate in various celebrations. In Slovenia, the most visited cities are Ptuj and Cerknica, while the more adventurous venture to Venice, Italy! It is essential to choose a carnival mask that ensures nobody recognizes us. The tradition of celebrating Carnival dates back to pre-Christian times and was adopted by the Romans, who created several holidays during the spring season that also involved masquerading.

Unikashop has prepared a careful selection of the highest quality and unique masks that will guarantee your unrecognizability, uniqueness, and scariness! Women who want to be frightening can choose a mask of a scary woman or a devil. Additionally, they can accessorize with a tail, pitchfork, or butterfly. For even greater scariness, they can opt for a carnival mask with an old woman’s face. Those who want to be cute for Carnival can wear a mask and a ladybug or cat headband. Women who want to be eccentric will shine with a cat mask!
Men often wear masks of Donald Trump, a scary ghost mask with a hood, or a devil mask. Has it already sent shivers down your spine? If you want to be completely unrecognizable, put on a horse mask, and if you want to scare your friends, a bat mask is the right choice!
For the bravest, there are wolf masks that will send chills down the spine of everyone they meet!