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Wigs for the whole family
Carnival is a time when we dress up in carnival costumes and become unrecognizable. Carnival Sunday is 7 weeks before Easter.
There are two main carnival days: Carnival Sunday and Carnival Tuesday.
During this time, we participate in various celebrations. In Slovenia, the most popular cities for carnival festivities are Ptuj and Cerknica, while the more daring ones venture to Venice, Italy! It is essential to choose a carnival mask that ensures nobody recognizes us. The tradition of celebrating carnival dates back to pre-Christian times, which was then adopted by the Romans who held multiple festivals during the spring season and engaged in masquerades.

Ensure that the whole family participates in the carnival spirit and create complete transformations.
You can choose from a variety of wigs that will match your carnival costume. offers a diverse, well-thought-out, and carefully selected range of high-quality wigs for unforgettable carnival experiences!
Wigs are available in different colors and various styles. For girls who want to become long-haired, a long colored wig is suitable. If you want a long braid, choose a long blonde wig with a braid. For the perfect addition to a cat costume, select a black cat wig, and for a devil costume, a black and red wig. If you want your hair to be eccentric, go for a neon pink or green wig.
For a more eye-catching look, a long curly multicolored wig will do the trick.
Brave girls will choose a Pippi Longstocking or Native American wig.
For aspiring boys, there are clown, Donald Duck, or monk wigs. And let’s not forget about pirate wigs!

Unikashop ensures unforgettable carnival experiences and complete carnival transformations!”