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Carinval costumes for babies

Cute baby carnival costumes for the youngest ones.
Carnival is a time when we dress up in carnival costumes and become unrecognizable. Carnival Sunday is 7 weeks before Easter. There are two main carnival days: Carnival Sunday and Shrove Tuesday. That’s when we participate in various celebrations. In Slovenia, the most popular cities to visit are Ptuj and Cerknica, and the more adventurous ones go to Venice, Italy! The tradition of celebrating carnival dates back to pre-Christian times, and the Romans adopted it and created several holidays during the spring season for masquerading.

Make sure to dress up your little ones as well. You can choose from a variety of costumes. offers a diverse, well-thought-out, and carefully selected range of baby carnival costumes.

Is your little one fascinated by long-extinct dinosaurs? Get them a dinosaur costume and let them scare all their friends!
For the little ones who love helping people in need, there’s a firefighter costume!
Young fans of superheroes will find joy in the Hero costume or can play pranks on others in a devil costume.
Does your little one want to become an animal for a day? Get them a Dalmatian, lion, or even a ladybug costume! Charm is guaranteed!
For young princesses, there’s a princess costume in blue or pink, and for all the brave and just girls, the Pippi Longstocking costume is suitable!
Do you still remember the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood? Let your little girl become the most beautiful Little Red Riding Hood in the world in a baby carnival costume!
The baby mouse costume will enchant you with your daughter’s cuteness! takes care of a comprehensive carnival transformation of your little ones with the most beautiful baby costumes!