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Toys accompany the child from the very moment of birth, being present at every step – toys for the youngest, toys for girls, or toys for boys. Soft toys for sensory stimulation, musical mobiles, pull-along musical toys for lulling the child to sleep in the crib, and rattles for play are suitable for infants. These toys belong to the Unikatoy baby line.

Girls often play with dolls and enjoy taking them for a walk, styling their hair, and applying makeup. They also enjoy beautifying themselves with creative sets like CrazyChic and Frozen 2. All of these games that a child engages in contribute to their motor skills development, sensory sharpening, and most importantly, they contribute to spending their free time enhancing imagination, learning, and having fun.

Boys opt for various racing cars or formula cars, remote-controlled vehicles, or different guns and rifles. When children desire transformation, they can engage in role-playing games as a police officer with police accessories or as a soldier or firefighter. For creative children inclined towards music, parents often decide to purchase musical instruments such as drums, string instruments, wind instruments, etc. When the whole family is gathered, the fun begins with board games from Unikatoy, such as Ludo, Connect Four, Fishing, Detective, Tower, Build a Word, and others.