The most fun activities for kids during the school holidays!


The school holidays are almost here and that means the doors are opening for unforgettable summer adventures and activities for children! Children can take a break from school, relax and enjoy free time. But if you’re wondering how to fill their days, we’ve got five of the most fun summer activitiesto keep the kids busy on their days off. Activities for children will brighten up their days and teach them many new things.

Play with plasticine

A great summer activity is playing with plasticine. Have a picnic in nature, but this time with magic Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats! With this amazing soft sand, children can play and create the most delicious ice cream creations. A picnic in nature becomes even sweeter when children create colourful ice cream cones, lollipops and more. Not only will they enjoy nature, but they will also express their creativity and imagination.

Kinetic Sand Ice Cream Treats, Spin Master | UNIKASHOP

Camping in your home garden

Make a real camping experience in your own backyard! Set up the tent, fill it with sleeping bags and camping gear, and add children’s camping toys such as a mini gas grill, torches and a compass. Children will love this adventure that will stimulate their imagination and take them on a real camping trip at home.

Outdoor sports activities

Summer is the time to get active outdoors! Children can take part in a variety of sports activities with props to test or master their motor skills, have fun with outdoor Frisbees that bring joy and laughter, and much more. These toys will keep children active, moving and enjoying the summer sun.

Exploring with Clementoni Mechanics sets

Stimulate children’s curiosity with science kits! Clementoni Mechanics Science Sets are the right choice for science experiments in areas such as chemistry, astronomy or botany, allowing children to play, learn and explore the world around them.

Water games with water guns and balloons

Summer is not complete without water games! Kids can have fun with water guns and create exciting battles in the garden or backyard. In addition, a swimming pool is a great idea where children can cool off, play and make memories with water games and swimming. And let’s not forget the awesome water balloons from Bunch O Balloons, which are a real hit and can fill up to 100 of them in 60 seconds!

Water balloons Bunch O Balloons Tropical PARTY, Zuru | UNIKASHOP

The summer school holidays are the ideal time for creativity, play and unforgettable adventures. The top summer activities mentioned above, which include favourite toys, will keep the kids entertained in full swing. Whether creating ice cream treats with Kinetic Sand, camping in the backyard, expressing themselves through art, moving with sports toys, exploring science or having fun with water games, children will create unforgettable memories and experience the magic of summer at its best!